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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Celebrating Christmas with a Friend!

Not just any Mom's friend! The first time I met Elaine was when my Mom was on life support right before my Mom passed away. She drove probably six or seven hours to be with my Mom during her last day on this Earth.  Elaine was my Mom's Best Friend, and my Mom spoke of Elaine often.  Since my Mom passed away, Elaine and I have kept in touch, and today we celebrated Christmas with lunch and gifts!


I gave Elaine a Christmas card with her gift from us.  In that card was a photo of my Mom.  Elaine has still been a friend to my Mom, even though my Mom is no longer on this Earth, and by doing so she has became my friend.  Even though my Mom is no longer on this Earth with us, Elaine never fails to check in with our family to see how we are doing.  It was great celebrating Christmas (even a few weeks early), with this dear friend!


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